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About us

Crompton Mouldings Ltd are considered to be a leading rotational moulding specialist to the trade sector in the UK. The humble seeds of Crompton Mouldings stretch back to 1878 when the incorporation of REB Crompton took place. Our founder was one of the great entrepreneurial industrialists and inventors of his time whose legacy forms the foundation of our companies key engineering principles that we still hold dearly today.


The quality standards within our business are uncompromised and encompass everything from the way in which we greet our visitors to the point at which our goods are received. ISO 9001 Quality standard is an everyday working document designed to continuously improve our performance and secure our safety. Conforming to ISO 14001 is a passion within our company to protect the environment on an ongoing basis.


We deploy the latest technology in rotational moulding from state of the art carousel machines, semi automated foam filling, graphic technology, recycling equipment and design software. It’s a belief that combining great people with the highest specification equipment will continue to delight our customers.

Our People

At the heart of Crompton Mouldings are its people, every single employee is empowered to make change and is engaged with the ethos and culture of the business. Encouraging and rewarding every process expert to improve their daily activities for the benefit of the customer is the key to our success. All employees are continuously trained and have a desire to improve which is essential as we grow. Every manager, team leader and deputy team leader in our production facility has developed through our training process and embraces our culture. Our Design team have a lifetime of experience within the industry in every aspect of rotational moulding and our customer services will always provide a cheery greeting in doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.

Culture & Vision

Crompton Mouldings has a clear vision for future growth that is spearheaded by the unique range of services which offer turnkey customers solutions. Investment in machinery and efficient manufacturing techniques demonstrate continuous improvements as profits are continuously re invested. The ongoing development of its dedicated team and excellent relationships with all its publics are key to its success.

  •  Growth is key.
  •  investing in new & old machinery.
  •  Dedicated team that want to succeed.
  •  Having an excellent relationship with customers.

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