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Crompton Mouldings Ltd are considered to be a leading rotational moulding specialist to the trade sector in the UK. Our company was founded in 2007 by the amalgamation of a dynamic group of professionals who have many years experience of the design, development and production of an innumerable number of moulded products. Based in Brighouse we form an essential part of the Crompton Group which includes Crompton Components Ltd, and Turnell and Odell Ltd .  The resources from which combine to offer a complete service to our customers.


Crompton Mouldings Ltd is committed to providing our customers with an excellent service, support and quality which meet or exceed our customer’s high expectations. Ever increasing demands for better quality, service and cost is embraced by the company.


Crompton Mouldings Ltd are committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance. Whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint or promoting the use of recycled materials in our products. Crompton Mouldings Ltd continues to strive for real environmental results in everything we do, employing best practice to minimise pollution and waste and maximise the efficient use of resources. 

Health and Safety

Crompton Mouldings Ltd aim to organise a system of work that is safe, protect the health of all involved, and to take due care for the protection of others likely to be effected by our activities. Crompton Mouldings Ltd will also conduct their work activities in a way that will achieve the highest possible standard of health and safety for their employees, visitors and members of the public as required by law. Committing to safety by providing adequate resources for instruction, information and compliance within the bounds of Health and Safety legislation.

Design & Product development

Rotational Moulding has many advantages over other methods of manufacture.

With our design and development capabilities we can ensure that your Product is brought to market economically, faster and is of the highest quality.

From a rough sketch we can take the Product through drawing, Cad design and modelling, prototyping onto full scale production often in a matter of weeks.

Greater design flexibility

Rotationally moulded pieces can be designed and manufactured to fit just about any space available. Often parts that are assembled from multiple pieces can be consolidated into one rotationally moulded part. This improves the design possibilities. The fewer the parts, the fewer chances for part failure.

Dramatic cost savings

Because there is no interior core to manufacture, tooling for rotationally moulded parts is less expensive than tooling for other types of moulding.

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